Eating away our future
Conservation International

Role: Art Director

Copywriter: Anastasia Albouze

For the Young Spikes 2020 film competition we were tasked with communicating that “Conservation International works to protect oceans at scale to ensure sustainable practices for long-term seafood security”.

Eating away our future dramatises the consequences of continual unsustainable seafood practises while highlighting Conservation International’s role in preventing this dystopia. The spot utilises the motif of the giant eating utensils to symbolise society's insatiable desire for seafood. The catch… as we continue to eat unsustainably, we literally eat into our future.

We position Conservation International as the champion of sustainability. Highlighting how their unique multi-dimensional approach mobilises the Government, business, and community sectors to fight for a sustainable tomorrow.

After many long days and nights of hard work we we’re proud as punch to be shortlisted in the top ten and the only team representing Australia.