Bunny Breakout

Role: Art Director

Every Easter the chocolate bunny burrow becomes a little more cramped with competitors constantly nibbling into the Lindt Gold Bunnies market share. With this in mind the challenge was to keep our Lindt Gold Bunny in the No.1 spot with a fame driving campaign that helped consumers to re-connect with the brand.

To do this we created an interactive social media campaign that put a twist on the classic Easter egg hunt. We called it the “Bunny Breakout”. Launched by hacking our own TVC, we staged a bunny breakout at Lindt HQ, and asked for the public to help us catch the fugitive bunnies with a selfie for a chance to win a solid gold bunny worth $50,000.

The campaign included, consecutive digi ooh screens that bunnies hopped through as well as digi take overs and social posts showing bunny sightings and updates.